cropped-gardening1.jpgOur community is self-supporting and we are provided for through our own efforts and the generosity of our friends. Work is an opportunity for us to serve one another and to contribute to our own support.

We maintain our monastery and grounds through the many talents of our sisters, including talents that often awaken as needs arise. Beyond cooking, cleaning and gardening, we also do maintenance work such as plumbing and carpentry. There is always a new challenge calling for our ingenuity.

From the beginning, we have supplied the parishes of the diocese with altar breads. This continues to be a service we find to be a special reflection of our life of prayer. We also do other remunerative work to supplement our income such as rosary making, icon plaques, and bee keeping.

Through our work, we open ourselves daily to enter fully into the Paschal Mystery and witness our love for the Lord, for one another, and for all people, that we may become, like our sister St. Therese of Lisieux, a flame of love in the heart of the Church.

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