calendar - April

A Carmelite’s day is built upon the framework of prayer. In an atmosphere of silence and solitude we weave our days with a balance of prayer, work and recreation.

The center of our life is the celebration of the daily Eucharist from which every other prayer and good work flows throughout the day.

Our day also includes two hours of private, personal prayer, what St. Teresa called “mental prayer”, which she felt was essential to deepening our loving relationship with our Spouse.

We recite the Liturgy of the Hours in common, leaving our work of the moment to praise the Lord together at various times throughout the day. As we pray this Prayer of the Church, we bring before the Lord all the needs and desires of God’s people.

Spiritual reading is an important part of our prayer life. Scripture and other good books nourish our spiritual hunger and help us to know God more deeply. Reading is a valuable resource for our spiritual and intellectual growth.

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